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Natural stone in blocks

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Cuarcitas Aveneira S.L. is a family company located in the heart of Galicia, in A Pobra de Brollón (Lugo). 

We have our own quarry that provides us with high quality quartzite, with unique colours and textures.

We craft our product range from these materials.

Our experience and dedication in the world of stone ensure that the projects we take on are of the highest quality.

We specialise in rustic and natural stone.


Quartzite is highly resistant to abrasion and adverse weather conditions.

Properties & Uses

Resistant to rock salt, frost and to intense sun due to low heat absorption, it is ideal for floors and exterior walls, even in high- traffic areas.

Due to its low porosity, antiskid and antibacterial characteristics it also makes it a good choice in places where water and humidity are frequent, swimming pool surroundings, saunas, spas, showers, changing rooms and so on.

Uses: roofs, terraces, rectangular surfaces, facades, paving, cladding, decking, decoration, landscaping, gardens, public pavements etc.

It allows for multiple design options. Its versatility gives the work a solid and distinguished-looking result.

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